Landscapes and Seascapes 1
Light, Fog, Ocean: "Dawn of the World"
Marin Headlands, California
Lighthouse and Waves
Photograph taken from aboard ship in Sweden. Waves form a reflection/interference pattern.
Monument Valley
Photograph taken in Utah.
Northern California.
Vermillion Cliffs and Clouds
The Vermillion Cliffs are in the "Arizona Strip", the portion of Arizona isolated from the rest of the state by the Grand Canyon.
Sailboat on a Pearly Ocean
Marin Headlands, California. Gull Rock is on the right. A small sailboat is visible to the left of center.
Celestial Canvas
Photograph taken in southeastern Arizona. The mountains in the distance are in Mexico.
Comet Hale-Bopp and the Zodiacal Light
Photograph taken over the Pacific Ocean near Fort Ross in northern California. The Zodiacal Light is the pyramid of light at left center, with its apex reaching to the Pleides (the small star cluster just left of center in the top half of the picture). The Zodiacal Light is formed by sunlight reflecting off of dust particles in space, near the plane of the ecliptic - the path that the Earth takes through space. The constellations of the zodiac are found along the ecliptic - hence the name Zodiacal Light. The ocean and the shore are just visible in the picture. This is a time exposure, and the stars and comet are slightly streaked because of their apparent motion through the sky.
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