Landscapes and Seascapes 3
Lightning Behind Denver with Rising Moon
This was a time exposure. While an earlier photo of this scene was being taken, a puzzling glow began to appear to the right of the city, which proved to be the moon. To see the moon rising beneath black thunderstorm clouds was entirely unexpected.
Hawaiian Cliffs at Dawn
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Mountain Meadow and Stream
Photograph taken in Yellowstone National Park
Couple on Cape Cod Bay
Eastham, Massachusetts.
Blowing Sand
Photograph taken on Coast Guard Beach, Eastham, Massachusetts
Wildflowers and Mountain
Photograph taken southeast of Bozeman, Montana
Heading Out to Sea
At right is the Point Bonita Lighthouse, north of San Francisco.
Comet Hyakutake and the Little Dipper
Polaris (the North Star) is the bright star at left center. The Little Dipper stretches below and to the right of Polaris, with the "bucket" below the head of the comet.
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