Architectural 2
Oculus of the Pantheon, Rome
Church of Sant'Apollinare in Classe
The town of Classe is near Ravenna, Italy. This simply-designed but beautiful church was built a very long time ago - it was consecrated in 549. The famous mosaics at the apse (the end of the church visible in this photograph) are original.
Sées Cathedral Interior
Sées, Normandy, France. The red color on the stair and floor arises from light shining through stained glass.
Arizona Car Park
University of Arizona, Tucson. Solar panels form the "roof".
Interior of the Cathedral in Palma, Majorca
The columns of this beautiful, very large cathedral are proportionately the thinnest of any large stone structure in the world - sixteen times as tall as their thickess. This feature emphasizes verticality, and opens the space between the nave and the aisles, thus making the building seem even larger. The thin columns, which can support only vertical loads, are made possible by the largest flying buttresses of any building in the world, which take up lateral loads. All of the windows in the main body of the cathedral have stained glass, something true of only a minority of European cathedrals. Note also the appearance of "ghosts" in this photograph, present because this was a time exposure.
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