Yellowstone National Park 2
Terraces and Trees #1
In recent years Mammoth Hot Springs have been very dynamic, creating large new terrace areas. The terraces are formed when minerals (principally limestone) that have been dissolved by hot water underground precipitate out to create rock. In this case, new terraces have invaded a wooded area.
Yellowstone Lake and Mount Sheridan
This photograph was taken in spring soon after the ice on the lake had broken up and most of the ice had disappeared.
Terraces and Trees #2
Mammoth Hot Springs. In Yellowstone, trees that have been killed by the encroachment of hot springs become to some extent petrified by the minerals that they absorb from the water.
Walker in the Mist
Midway Geyser Basin
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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
From Artist's Point, showing the Lower Falls. This vantage point was portrayed in Thomas Moran's famous painting of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, that helped provide support for creation of the national park. Moran used some artistic license in representing the view, however. The steam along the river near the bottom of the photograph arises from active hot springs just above the river.
Mammoth Quilt
This photograph shows rock formations at Mammoth Hot Springs that were deposited only within the past several years. (Photograph was taken in June of 2011.) Not far away, new terraces have covered a pedestrian walkway and forced its closure.